Puppia Dog Harnesses - 30% Off

Puppia Dog Harnesses - 30% Off

Puppia harnesses are currently 30% while stocks last. We have a rainbow of colours, two different styles and sizes to suit almost any woofer. Click here to grab one while you can.


Why we love Puppia harnesses...

We love Puppia harnesses because they're high quality while also being lightweight, breathable, quick drying and machine washable due to the air mesh fabric. They're recommended by vets because they reduce strain on your dog's neck during walks. Any force caused by your dog pulling on their lead is spread over their body when wearing a harness (compared to just attaching a lead to a standard dog collar). Your dog's neck and trachea are delicate and can be damaged by the pulling associated with just using a dog collar and lead for walks.


Style A or Style B?

Style A is the Puppia original shape dog harness and is the most adjustable style of the two we offer. To put it on your dog you place the top of the harness over their head, just like putting on a jumper. Next, place their left leg into the harness and finally secure the harness around their back with the simple clip. The neck size of a Style A is fixed so you will need to make sure it can pass over your dog's head easily, but the waist clip is adjustable to ensure the perfect fit.  



Style B, which we often call 'the vest harness', is perfect for any dog who doesn't like the A shape harness going over their heads. The Style B is better suited to dogs with longer narrower frames, such as Dachshunds and Chihuahuas. The vest style of this shape of harness gives more coverage than the Style A and some find it is more secure as it has a wide velcro band as well as a clip. 



Which size?

To find the best size for your dog in either Style A or Style B you will need to carefully take two measurements using a soft tape measure - neck circumference and chest girth (all the way around their body, behind their front legs).

If you don't have a soft tape you can always use a piece of string and then measure the string against a builders tape measure to get the measurements. Once you have both measurements compare them to the charts below to find your dog's ideal size.

It is important to note that most dog's are one size larger in the B Shape harness than the regular A Shape.

The breed examples given in the charts are just examples and your dog may be a different size even if they are the breed listed.


More help?

We're always happy to help with advice about style or size for your four legged friend - please contact us via email or phone 07967014159. If you're local to Nottingham you are welcome to bring your dog to our shop at Sneinton Market Avenues for a fitting - please see our homepage for the most up to date opening hours.

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