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Spare Nose Bands (Pack of 5)

Spare Nose Bands (Pack of 5)

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A pack of five flexible metal nose bands to fit in our new style** of pleated face mask. 

Each mask has a narrow opening along the top edge that the nose band can slide in or out of, depending on your preference.

The flexible and slim nature of the metal used for our nose bands means they can sometimes need to be replaced. We also recommend removing the nose band prior to washing your mask, along with any filter if you have one inserted.

This pack of spare nose bands makes the process of changing the band simple and means the life of your reusable mask is prolonged.


** Our new style of pleated face masks have been available since 07/08/20. If you purchased a pleated mask prior to this date your nose band is sewn in to the mask and therefore not easy to replace, but if you are having any problems with your nose wire please send us a message and we will be happy to help.

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