Herbal Dog Co Furbulous Bergamot & Sandalwood Natural Deodoriser
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Herbal Dog Co Furbulous Bergamot & Sandalwood Natural Deodoriser

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A soft and sophisticated fragrance, Furbulous Bergamot & Sandalwood scented spray is the perfect choice to give your favourite furry friend an enjoyable grooming experience. The gentle citrus scent emanates from the herbal bergamot extract, which is sure to remind you of a hot, steamy cup of finest quality Earl Grey tea. This pairs beautifully with the subtle, pine fresh smell of sandalwood, which brings earthy overtones & a deep, rich layer to this extraordinary scent.

With its soothing scent, full of gentle fruity notes & amazing herbal smells, Furbulous Bergamot & Sandalwood is actually packed fully of botanical plant extracts. This means that it’s these natural smells which work together to make the amazing aroma. Even more importantly, Herbal Dog Co take care to ensure that there are absolutely no unexpected chemicals lurking in our Furbulous Bergamot & Sandalwood spray. It is SLS & paraben free, meaning that they are gentle for your dog, so you can spray them with this gentle scent, even if they have sensitive skin.

How to use: Shake well. Use on dry fur. Hold 15cm away from the body & spray. Never spray near the face.

Ingredients: Aqua, Chamomile, Sage Aqueous Extracts, Plant Based Fragrance, SLS & Paraben Free Surfactant.

  • No palm oil
  • No chemicals 
  • No nasty stuff

Size: 100ml