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Carbon Filter for Pleated Face Mask

Carbon Filter for Pleated Face Mask

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Our 100% cotton pleated face masks are designed with an internal pocket to hold one of these filters. Please remove the filter before machine washing your mask.


The filters that we sell are five layer activated carbon filters. Below is an explanation of the different layers. 

  • The first layer is of spunbond which can filter micron-level dust.
  • The second layer filters industrial pollutants, car exhaust, second-hand smoke and pollen allergens.
  • The third layer is of activated carbon cloth and filters micron-level dust.
  • The fourth layer filters smaller materials.
  • The fifth layer of spunbond filters out various harmful substances.

Our suppliers recommend the filter is changed every 50 to 60 hours when the mask is worn to filter out allergens, odours and pollutants.

If the mask were to be worn to undertake activities that produce dust, such as construction, the life of the filter would be reduced and they therefore recommend it is changed more frequently (approximately every 25-35 hours.

For more information about our masks please see our frequently asked questions page by clicking here.

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