Black Dog Face Mask
Black Dog Face Mask
Black Dog Face Mask
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Black Dog Face Mask

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Our pleated face masks are made up of a double layer of 100% cotton fabric with an internal pocket for a filter. Elastic side loops allow you to attach the mask to your face by tucking them behind your ears. There is also a flexible metal noseband to shape the mask over the bridge of your nose making it more secure. 

Our face masks are all machine washable. We recommend that you only use biodegradable wash powder to maintain the colour of the fabric. 

Masks are available with or without a filter. Extra filters can be purchased separately. 

The filters are not washable - please remove before washing the mask. 


The elastic loops can be replaced with matching fabric tie strings, at an extra cost, if preferred - please email us for more details. 

The filters that we sell are five layer activated carbon filters. Below is an explanation of the different layers. 

  • The first layer is of spunbond which can filter micron-level dust.
  • The second layer filters industrial pollutants, car exhaust, second-hand smoke and pollen allergens.
  • The third layer is of activated carbon cloth and filters micron-level dust.
  • The fourth layer filters smaller materials.
  • The fifth layer of spunbond filters out various harmful substances.